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Our electric strikes come in various types such as fail-safe and fail-secure. The difference between the two is that fail-secure electric strikes can remain locked even when there is no power. On the other hand, fail-safe electric strikes disengage the locking system of the door when there is no power. By choosing our electric strikes, you don't have to use keys to open your door because they can be operated in easier and more efficient ways. You can use a remote control, keycard, biometric reader or a keypad to open and close your door.


We ensure that we provide you with the best quality of electric strikes from the top lock brands to ensure that your security is not compromised. We have the 6100 series that is a heavy-duty stainless steel that's ideal for drop-in replacement or new construction. The electric strike has five models that provide coverage for many single or double door applications such as fire related doors. We also have the Von Duprin 6111 12V 32D electric strike that can be used for single and double doors. It also comes with various finishes such as wood frame, hollow metal and aluminum that suits the aesthetic of the interior of your residence. Von Duprin 6111 has the following features and benefits: 


⦁ Heavy duty stainless steel construction 

⦁ Two-piece plug connectors that are furnished to make installation and removal easier during strike servicing.  

⦁ Six popular finishes that suit the existing esthetics of your hardware.  


If you are worried that the loss of power will compromise the security of your door, we have you covered because our Von Duprin 6111 has a power failure mode. The FSE Fail-secure is designed to lock the strike lip in the event of a power loss. However, it requires power to unlock it. We ensure that we do proper installation of the electric strikes and do a regular inspection for you so that we can achieve reliability and security of your residential or commercial facility.  


National Lock Supply has a reputation of providing the best locks since time immemorial. We help you choose the best lock brands that have a wide range of commercial and residential locks that meet your specifications. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your lock supplier: 


Our prices are discounted. All our products are sold at a discounted price because we sell them below the Manufacturer's suggested retail price. It even gets better when you order lock in bulk.  


Large selection. We take your needs and expectations very seriously. This is why we stock many locks from various top brands that have both traditional locks and modern ones. We also offer you a wide variety of door closers, hinges and other lock accessories.