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You can use this widget to input text For someone to move out of a building safer and faster, a panic exit hardware is important. They are mostly installed on escape doors for emergencies and can be controlled with a single operation so that people can exit the building faster. One of the factors to consider when installing a panic exit includes: The material of the door, whether the door is in a busy or less busy area and whether the door is a necessity during entrance of the building. We offer a wide range of products from push bars to touch pads for emergency applications.

You can match the design style of your locks with the esthetic of your residential or commercial facility. We offer you a wide range of customized exit hardware products that have many applications. We also have the option to upgrade our products so that they can meet your preferences. We do everything to achieve quality work from mechanical to electrical part of the installation. Some of the panic exit devices that we have include Cal-royal exit devices, falcon exit devices, PHI precision exit devices, Sargent exit devices and von Duprin exit devices. All the devices are tested to meet the highest standards and they have been proven to perform under heavy use, which guarantees you a safe environment.

The main purpose of exit alarms is to inform you whenever there is someone exiting through a door illegally. Having exit alarms especially on emergency doors, prevents their misuse. By installing this device on your door, you can reduce the risk of theft because if the door is opened, a warning alarm will be emitted by an electronic exit stopper. The alarm can only be silenced by the keyholder of the door.

If you need exit hardware installed in your doors, you will also need a power supply for the devices. We offer you a wide range of exit device power supplies. Our devices are designed to supply power for as much as two LR exit devices. The device has a timer which controls each exit device through the closure of a switch. The following are some of the reasons why you need to choose National Lock Supply for your locks:

Wide range of products. Our locks are selected from the biggest brands in the market so that we can offer you the highest quality.

Affordable prices. We offer you locks at discounted prices especially if you are buying in bulk. This makes your work easier if you want to replace your door locks on a regular basis. Contact us and we will ship the products the same day