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Some of the locks available include mortise, cylindrical, tubular, interconnected, and deadlocks that favor your interior and exterior specifications. The interior and exterior design matters a lot, whether it's in your workplace or residential area. This is why you need mechanical locks that not only provide sufficient security but also give a good visual impression. For decorative designs we have a whole variety of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical lever locks from various manufacturers and prices. National Lock Supply also provides you with a wide variety of good-looking parts and accessories for mechanical locks. Some of them include bolts and latches, cores and lock parts.

People admitted in hospitals may find it difficult to perform even the simplest tasks such as opening the lock of a door due to weakness or illness. Therefore, it's very important to ensure that every door in the hospital is installed with a simple mechanical lock that can be opened with ease. National Lock Supply offers you ideal mechanical locks that can be pushed or pulled for easy opening of the hospital doors. These locks are applicable even in other institutions that need easy operation where doors can be opened
even when hands are not free.

The quality of a mechanical lock goes hand in hand with its durability. National Lock Supply has a wide variety of mortise locks that are of high standard, durable and serve multiple functions. Mosrtise locks not only serve many functions than cylindrical locks, but also have room for addition of deadbolts, indicators and thumb turns. If you want decent locks for your office or high-end projects, then mortise locks are the best option for you because they have many lever designs that can be customized to meet the aesthetics of the place. Some of the mortise locks that we have include BEST 40H series, Falcon MA series and
Schlage L series.

If you want a unique lock that can be opened from both sides and provide maximum security, then we have you covered. We have heavy duty dead bolts from various manufactures that can serve many functions for residential and commercial applications. With a deadbolt, you can use a key, or a thumb turn to open the door from both sides. Some of the deadbolts that we offer include cylindrical deadbolts, mortise deadbolts and auxiliary rim locks.

Secure your place of work with our quality mechanical locks that meet your specifications. If you are running a hospital, consider using push-pull latch sets for easy operation. On the other hand, if you want locks that match the aesthetics of your house or office, we have the best grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical knobs for you. Contact us today and we will deliver quality mechanical locks whenever you need.