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Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton door locks come in many styles with various functions, finishes, trim and options. We also offer alternatives to the traditional system of locking. Unlocking a door with keys or cards is associated with many risks like losing them or having to buy other pairs when lost. Simplex 1000 series - knob allows you to access the exterior of your house without using a key or a card. It also saves you the hustle of replacing batteries since it has a single access code and doesn't need lock removal from the door to program it through the keypad.

The Simplex 8100 Mechanical Pushbutton lock allows free egress and exterior access because of the mortise locking device options and lever handle. Some of the simplex 8100 available include B - Best core, C - Corbin Russwin Core, M - Medeco Yale Core, R - Sargent Core and S - Schlage Core. For those who have glass doors in their commercial or residential area, the Simplex 3000 - narrow stile is the best
option to consider. It is also programmable through the keypad and has a single access code. Commercial facilities should be protected with maximum security due to the valuable items they may contain. Keypads have been proven to be very secure in controlling the accessibility of commercial facilities. Having a wall mount keypad reader on your door will guarantee maximum security. By installing keypads in your door, you can control electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, security systems or any other types of momentary control outputs.

Controlling the security of your residential or commercial area has been made easier by electronic keypad locks. You can use them to access and control the security of your residence all-in-one since it has high levels of intelligence and control. We offer you a wide variety of electronic keypad locks including cylindrical, mortise and exit trims.

You don't have to worry about the interior look of your house because we have a wide range of levers and finishes that favor the existing aesthetic and hardware of your house. Some of the benefits of having an electronic keypad lock on your door is the ability to control your door from an electronic device that has internet connection. It can also be linked to other smart home products that you have. Contact us today if you need keypad/Prox locks delivered to you anywhere you want.