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Using our door closers will guarantee you safety because no one will access the door even if they use the most sophisticated systems. We offer door closers that are easily accessible and match the aesthetic of the building. We have surface door closers like the LCN door closers that will serve you for a long time. They are easy to install because they are directly attached to the door. This series is efficient because it's applicable on any door.

If your residential area or commercial facility is in harsh environments of high frequency and highly abusive traffic, consider choosing the 4050A series cast aluminum closer. It's mostly a perfect solution for commercial buildings that require a combination of quality, value and reliability. Our 1450 series is designed for medium duty applications such as aftermarket replacement, aluminum store fronts and new construction. The patent-pending design comes along with a standard slim line cover, optional full plastic
or full metal cover, and in six available standard finishes and custom colors.

We also have door closers that favor moderate traffic conditions. Our heavy duty 4030 series is a universal closer that meets the ANSI/BHMAA156.4 grade 1 standards. This door closer enables anyone to open a door with very minimal force. It also has three mountings and multiple arm options that one can choose from. Apart from offering you quality locks that secure your premises, we make sure that they meet the local codes of the building. Our falcon door closers are very durable, convenient and have unmatched value that meets your expectations. If you have lost parts that need replacement on your door closers we also have Norton door closer part at affordable prices.

Some people prefer door closers that have a wide range of applications. National Locks Supply has Norton door closers that are designed to serve many applications from traditional surface, overhead concealed, industrial economy to commercial grade closers. The closers come along with unique arms for maximum door and frame protection. Installing door closers has many benefits which include:

● Giving you a feeling of security and privacy
● Assist you with environmental control through prevention of drafts and control of temperature loss.
● Offering safety during fire outbreaks by keeping all doors closed.
● Improving the flow of traffic and preventing blockage of doorways.

National Locks Supply is your go-to shop in case you need door closes of all types. We have a wide range of door and gate closers from different manufacturers like Falcon and Norton. They all come in different finishes meaning you will find the one that suits your specifications. If you want to learn more about door closers, visit our shops or online stores.