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Repair and Maintenance Tips for Mortise Locks

Posted by National Lock Supply on Jun 6th 2023

You have several door locks in your home that you need to keep in perfect working condition. If you are like many homeowners, your doors are always under lock and key, and this might make your Schlage L9060P 06A Apartment Entrance Mortise Lock, W/ 06 Lever And A Rose wear out with time. Maintaining mortise locks will help you prevent untimely lock replacement.

Door locks don’t last indefinitely. Even the well-kept door locks will fail. Here are helpful tips to make sure that your mortise lock lasts longer.

Ensure your door is hung well

You might have a locksmith inspect the door for you if you don’t know what a properly installed door lock looks like. Ensure the door doesn’t droop and is well level with the frame. If the door isn’t correctly hung, it might put a lot of pressure on the locking system, creating a lot of issues.

A well-installed mortise lock won't bind and won't have uneven spacing. A constant gap of up to 8th of an inch rather than a quarter of an inch around the edge and the top is perfect.

Lubricate the locks frequently

You need to apply a lubricant at least twice every year to make sure that your Schlage L9050P 06N Office And Inner Entry Mortise Lock, W/ 06 Lever And N Escutcheon work perfectly. Dry lubricants are easy to use and will help keep the locking system in a perfect working state. By siding the door key in and out a few times and lubricating the interior of the locking system.

Clean the locks

You must clean your mortise locking system to keep them in perfect working condition. Clean the outside of the locks with a mild detergent or wet fabric. It's possible that using abrasive or chemical cleaning will destroy the lock. A petroleum-based cleaning will also damage the lock’s shine.

Only copy the original key

If you copy the original key, it won't be perfect for your Schlage L9453P 06A Entrance Mortise Lock With Deadbolt. To ensure you get the most delicate duplicate key, make sure you produce duplicates from the original key.

Ensure the deadbolt is working

You need to fasten the locking system without pushing or pulling the doorknob. If you must shift the door around to make the locking system lock with a deadbolt, it's because the lock/frame wasn’t fitted well. Whenever the deadbolt is locked, ensure it extends all the way.

Inspect the striking plate to make sure it's secure

If you are a property owner, it's important to keep your Schlage L9060P 06N Apartment Entrance Mortise Lock, W/ 06 Lever And N Escutcheon in perfect working condition. Locks that don’t work properly might be an issue and make it simple to access your house. Ensure your locks are in perfect working condition, and if you want maintenance services, call National Lock supply.

These are the top tips for repairing and maintaining your Schlage L9453P 06N Entrance Mortise Lock With Deadbolt, W/ 06 Lever And N Escutcheon. If your system doesn’t function, it's because of frequent problems. So, if your lock isn’t working correctly, try to fix it instead of tossing it away.