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Schlage L9453P 06A Entrance Mortise Lock with Deadbolt

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SKU: L9453P 06A 626
Series: L - Grade 1
Function: 9453 - Entrance office with deadbolt
Lever Style: 06A - 06 Lever w/ A Rose
Cylinder: P - 6-pin Mortise conventional cylinder
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Schlage L9453P 06A Entrance Mortise Lock with Deadbolt, w/ 06 Lever and A Rose

Function: Entrance lock - ANSI F20                                                              
Latchbolt retracted by lever/ knob from either side unless outside locked by 20° thumbturn rotation
• Deadbolt actuation through 90° thumbturn rotation
• When locked, outside key or inside lever/knob retracts both deadbolt and latchbolt
• Outside lever/knob locked until thumbturn is restored to vertical position
• Throwing deadbolt locks outside lever/knob
• Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is closed
• Inside lever always free for immediate egress                                                                                       

Case material: CRS with zinc dichromate plating

Case size:
L9000 Series: 4 7⁄16" x 6 1 ⁄16" x 1" (113 mm x 154 mm x 25 mm)

Spacing: Knob or lever to cylinder: 3 7/8" (98 mm); knob or lever to thumbturn hub: 2 11⁄16" (68 mm)

Door thickness: Standard: 1 3⁄4" (44 mm) Optional: 1 3⁄8" (35 mm) to 2 1⁄2" (64 mm) Over 2 1⁄2" (64 mm) door ranges vary by function. Specify door thickness if other than 1 3⁄4" and position in door EE, EI, EO, ED

Handing: L9000 Series: Field-reversible without disassembly

Levers/knobs: 33 lever designs (see page 12-15): Forged brass or bronze and cast stainless steel Two knob designs (see page 15): Heavy-duty wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel Ligature resistant lever (SL1) and knob (SK1) HL6 hospital latch (available on 9010 and 9040 functions only) Tactile warning applied to outside lever; available o 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 12, 17, 18, M51, M52, M81, ME1, ME2, ME3

lever designs Roses/escutcheons:
L escutcheons: 7 15⁄16” x 1 3⁄4” x 7⁄16” (202 mm x 44 mm x 11 mm); cold-forged brass or bronze and stainless steel
N escutcheons: 7 7⁄8” x 2 1⁄2” x 7⁄16” (200 mm x 64 mm x 11 mm); heavy wrought reinforced brass, bronze and stainless steel

Roses: A ,B ,C: wrought brass or bronze and stainless steel; AVA and MER: forged brass

Finishes: 14 available: 605, 606, 609, 612, 613, 619, 622, 625, 626, 626AM, 629, 630, 630AM, 643e

2 3⁄4" (70 mm) only

Armor: L9000 Series Standard: 1 1⁄4" x 8" x 7⁄32" (32 mm x 203 mm x 6 mm)

Bolt: 1" (25 mm) throw stainless steel deadbolt

L9000 Series Standard: ANSI curved lip strike 1 1⁄4" x 4 7⁄8" (32 mm x 124 mm) x 1 3⁄16"(30 mm) lip to center with dust box Optional: Extended lip strike options(7⁄8", 1", 1 1⁄2", 1 3⁄4", 2")

Accessibility and life safety:
Accessibility: All Schlage L Series levers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that “Operable parts shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate
operable parts shall be 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum.”

Life safety: The Schlage L Series is UL listed for use on 3-hour firedoors (except L9076 and L9077).
All levers with returns comply with the California Statefire code for return to within 1⁄2" of the door face

Bullet resistant locks: The L9453P lock has been approved as a UL Listed Bullet Resistant Device (Levels 1, 2, and 3) when
installed with other rated products to create a bullet resistant assembly

ANSI/BHMA: ANSI/BHMA A156.13-2017 Series 1000, Grade 1 Operational and Security
With FSIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 2 Security
With SFIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 3 Security
ASTM F476-76 Grade 40 L400: ANSI/BHMA A156.36 Grade 1

UL/cUL: UL 10C and CAN/ULC-S104 3-hour Fire Listed All locks listed for A label single doors, 4' x 10' and pairs 8' x 10'
Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing Electrified functions are UL/ULC Listed for single-point locking applications UL 437 Listed when using UL 437 cylinder UL Listed for 3-hour fire door (except L9076 and L9077)
CA Fire Code: All levers with a return to door of 1⁄2" (64 mm) or less comply (Formerly Title 19, California State Fire Marshal Standard)
FL Building Code: Miami-Dade NOA's and Florida Building Commission Listings

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