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Von Duprin/Schlage PS902 Base Power Supply (2A @ 12/24 VDC- field selectable)

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SKU: PS902
Series: PS900
Amperage: 2 amps
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Von Duprin/Schlage PS902 Base Power Supply (2A @ 12/24 VDC- field selectable)

PS902 is able to accept a total of one optional distribution board, plus one fire alarm relay along with one battery backup board and up to two 7A/hr batteries

The PS900 Series of power supplies works with many electrified devices including Schlage electromagnetic locks, Schlage AD Series hardwired locks, Schlage electrified mechanical locks, Von Duprin electrified strikes,
Von Duprin exit devices, and many other brands.

The Schlage comprehensive line of power supplies and option boards was designed to address the changing needs of the access control market. Installation is simplified by utilizing a flat mounting design and polarized locking connectors for option boards. This design eliminates the need for racks and side connectors. The flat mounting of the option boards also provides for easier access to the terminal blocks for connection of electrified devices (such as electrified strikes, electromagnetic locks, card
readers, etc.).

Common to the line of PS900 Series power supplies is a constant output rating at both 12v and 24v settings, universal 120 VAC to 240 VAC input, and polarized option board connectors. New fire alarm interface board mounting allows outputs to be configured as switched (power cut) or unswitched (power continues) when signal is provided.

Features and Benefits
• 2A @ 12/24 VDC constant output, field selectable with jumper
• Provides low-voltage, Class 2, filtered and regulated power
• Universal 120-240 VAC, fused primary input
• Single polarized option board connector
• AC input and DC output monitoring circuit with LED indicators
• Externally visible AC input indicator with isolated SPDT contacts
• High-voltage protective cover for AC circuitry (not shown)
• Battery back-up board auto-selects voltage
• Optional Fire Alarm plug-in board available
• UL 294, ULC-S318, RoHS, and FCC Part 15 certified

Input voltage: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, universal input

Output voltage: 2A @ 12 or 24 VDC Field selectable with jumper. Switching supply, 5% regulation, 240mVpp max ripple

Enclosure: Grey/baked enamel 14" x 12" x 4" (H x W x D). Eight 1⁄2" x 3⁄4" knockouts NEMA Grade 1. Hinged cover with lock down screws

Operating temperature: 32°-120°F (0°-49°C)

AC primary fuse size: 3.15A, 250v, 5 x 20mm

Battery fuse size: 7.5A 32v ATO blade style

DC output protection: Overload protection—current limited foldback circuit

AC input termination: 3 position terminal block with protective cover; Wire capacity: 10 AWG max.

DC output termination: 2 position terminal block; Wire capacity: 12 AWG max

Option board connectors: 1

Available option boards
900-FA: Plug-in fire alarm (must be installed on option board)

900-2RS: 2 Relay option board capable of individual or sequential operation for single and pair door applications

900-4R: 4 Relay option board

900-4RL: 4 Relay option board with integrated logic and individual or sequential operation capability for controlling security interlocks, auto operators and time delay function

900-8F: Fused, 8 zone option board

900-8P: PTC, 8 zone option board

Battery backup (install on main board)
900-BB: Battery backup board only

900-BBK: Battery backup kit (backup board plus battery pack)

Accessories: 900-BAT: Backup battery pack

Model: Von Duprin/Schlage PS902

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