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Tips for Choosing the Right Door Hardware

Posted by National Lock Supply on Jun 6th 2023

When building or renovating a building, whether it’s a commercial or residential apartment, selecting the best door hardware is important.

As part of the lock unit, your door hardware will keep you secure and safe from exterior forces like theft, burglaries, and natural disasters. With numerous options in the market today, selecting the best door hardware for your home can be challenging. Here are the tips to help you.

Durability or reliability

One of the things you must consider when selecting Schlage ND50PD RHO - Heavy Duty Entrance/Office Lever Lock - Rhodes Style is the quality or craftsmanship. Take time to examine each of the available options and check for any loose parts and the materials used in designing them.

If you must continue, remember that your safety depends on the quality of the locks. Additionally, excellent door hardware has perfect warranties since manufacturers know that their door hardware undergoes rigid quality testing.


Another thing to consider is the material or hardware used in making its components. Many of the hardware components are from various metals. Doorknobs, lever handles, deadbolts, and hinges are made of brass or steel, while some are made of wood and plastic. When selecting the hardware or material of the components, you need to pay attention to their placements.

For instance, you can use door hardware parts made of metal for entry doors to guarantee maximum security.


With many options on the current market, selecting the Schlage ND40S RHO Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock - Rhodes Style that fits your style and preference is effortless.

You can pick from various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Besides, the variation is broad from glossy and matte in terms of the finish.


Another thing you must consider is the functionality of the door hardware. There are various types of door locksets.

  • Keyed lockset: this kind of lockset is a common one most property owners use. It features a key for locking and unlocking from the exterior. It's excellent for exterior and interior use due to its security specifications.
  • Privacy lockset: as the name suggests, the lockset is mainly for privacy. Use this lock in private offices, conference rooms, and bathrooms. The lockset comes with a locking unit from the inside.
  • Passage locket: the lockset resembles the dummy lockset. The difference is that it comes with a latching mechanism that lets the door close fully without the lock mechanism.

Type of the door

The door comes in various variations. They differ in thickness, size, design, and material. For instance, some doors are made of various types of wood with different designs. Irrespective of the material or design of the door, the most imperative thing is its quality.


The environment plays an important aspect when selecting each door component in your home or business. You must consider environmental aspects like weather and climate in your region since they contribute to the durability of the door hardware or Schlage ND40S ATH - Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock - Athens Style.